The First Note


From the time a student plays their first note, the excitement starts.  Music has a way of increasing language abilities, increases emotional resilience, and helps with self-confidence.  

Teach-In Harmony


As students learn to play their instrument, learn how to sing a new song, all students will learn music theory. They will learn how to harmonize as they progress in music.  


The Future Sounds Good


The future of MIFAL INC students is looking good for them.   We call them the "Future Musicians Of America."  They will be the next great artis, and we promise to work hard to give them the best musical experience ever.  

Founder’s Notes 

MIFAL Arts Academy is a lifelong dream come true for the future of our programming, but with today's climate, God told us it's time to seize the moment.  I've always dreamed of building something where I can share my passion for music and the arts with students of all ages.  A passion that will take them anywhere they want to go. Come and be part of that dream.  

O. Q. Johnson 

Music Instruction for All Learners, Inc. nurtures the creativity, artistry, and scholarship of students and faculty; educates students to achieve excellence as performers, composers, and scholars; and enriches the education of all students through the study and practice of music. The historic and continuing commitment of Music Instruction For All Learners, Inc. infuses a fundamental commitment to the teaching of comprehensive musicianship into all aspects of the curriculum. The School provides opportunities to understand, participate in, and enjoy music. It has a responsibility for fulfilling this mission, not only for the citizens of Baltimore, MD, but also for its constituency regionally, nationally, and someday internationally. 

Company Vision:

“An uncompromising commitment to excellence” in the disciplines of music.

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