MIFAL INC'S new affiliation with K&S Music...

MIFAL INC is proud to announce it's new affiliation with K&S Music. Since 1976, K&S Music has been supplying music stores and studios with a first-class instrument sales and rental program. Along with the opportunities and benefits this program provides, we believe you will discover an organization committed to representing your interests and reflecting the voice of your community. 


One very important thing that you should consider when choosing a K&S guitar, is the type of music you will be playing.  An example would be the type of music that you play, either hard rock or heavy metal.  Another important factor for a guitar that you choose, is that it has the right sort of sound for your preferred genre.


With Erwin Otto Strings from K&S Music, you'll have one of the finest instruments around, and our instructor will top it off with the best music experience there is.


Band instruments from K&S Music will definitely help you break out in a beat especially using one of their fine K&S drums or any other brand of the drums that you'd like.  Your MIFAL INC instructor will turn you into the finest drummer around.   


The Piano instructors at MIFAL INC have over 50 years of experience with instructing piano.  After you have your first lesson, you'll be ready to go home, practice and come back for your next lesson and perform for your instructor.


Our K&S Horns are nothing but the finest instruments around. Your instructor will introduce you to your new friend, and you'll be making beautiful music together in no time.  K&S Helps us create new music.