Dean DeTrece Lavender

DeTrece (affectionately called "Ms. Dee" by her students) Lavender is a native of Miami, Florida. When her family moved to Sarasota, she was afforded the opportunity to study music and the performing arts as a middle and high school student of the Westcoast School. It was then that she began to understand the power of the creative arts as an effective form of emotional expression and release. By middle school, DeTrece began fine tuning her natural talents by studying classical voice which earned her several starring roles in the Sarasota Youth Opera, The Aslo Theater and the Players Theater. She is also a proud former member of the Westcoast Black Theater Troop in Sarasota, FL. Under the caring leadership of these opportunities, she was able to combine musical and life experiences in order to offer a more well rounded educational and musical experience for her students. 

She was awarded a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where she received a dual Bachelor of Music degree in Music Therapy and Vocal Performance (Class of 2003). It was through her service as a music therapist, Millieu (residential) counselor and music teacher in the Boston City Public Schools/Greater Boston Metropolitan Area, that she began to feel the call toward a greater understanding of the gravity and role of the socio-emotional needs of students (and their families/villages) in urban settings. This call brought her to Baltimore, MD where she enrolled in the Pastoral Counseling Masters of Science program at Loyola University. In addition to her studies, she currently teaches Elementary and Middle School choir/ Musicianship teacher in the Baltimore City Public Schools through the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's OrchKids Program. She has also served as Minister Of Music and Arts at several local churches.

Ms. DeTrece Lavender is a true go-getter when it comes to music. She works with vocal students on proper technique, studio technique performance skills, harmonizing, and songwriting.  Ms. DeTrece was elevated to the position of the Dean of MIFAL Arts Academy during the summer of 2020.  When she was approached with the idea of starting a new program as part of MIFAL INC she didn't even blink an eye.  That show's true dedication to the arts.  We are truly glad to have her taking on such a great position to help us continue the arts even in the midst of a pandemic.  CREATE EVEN IN A CRISIS.  


DeTrece Lavendcer

 MIFAL Arts Academy, Dean