April 2, 2016
Good Afternoon Mr. Q You was a great Piano Instructor to me. I didn't want to learn piano at first but as you begin to teach me and show me how beautiful music was. I begin to love music smile.
                    Charmain Fortune, 
September 19, 2016
I am impressed with Music Instruction For All Learners. My son, Daniel, only had one lesson, and already he is practicing frequently. The love of music is being re-birthed in him. Praise God for Mr. Orlando Johnson, piano instructor at Music Instruction For All Learners.
              Jocelyn Hollins,
March 11, 2017
Music Instruction For All Learners has helped bring out the music in me and my 17-year-old son.  I am currently a pianist and instructor, but I needed improvement in musical techniques and good practicing strategies.  My son, who was diagnosed with Autism at the age 3, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder at age 13, is expressing himself more through music. He is encouraged to read notes and play by ear.  Our piano instructor really pushes and challenges us to bring out the best in music.  Thanks, Music Instruction For All Learners for your musical support.  
                   Jocelyn Hollins,
March 14, 2017
Hi, my name is Mark Johnson and my son Shahyan just recently began his music lessons with MFIAL INC. His instructor Mr. Orlando has started him on the piano and he loves it. Mr. Orlando takes his time with Shahyan and is very clear with his words and assignments. Shahyan is also showing improvements with his memory and focus and dedication to practicing at home as well and I would like to thank MFIAL INC for their insightful guidance.
                   Mark Johnson,
September 14, 2017
Amazing professional instruction that is tailored for each learner- whether you're a beginner or more experienced. I am able to play by ear but Mr. Orlando has inspired me to learn and master music theory so I can maximize my abilities and musicianship. Also, the price is really good compared to other instructors in the area!​
                     Diana Eaton,
December 9, 2017
Still reflecting on how awesome this event was 😎🙌🏾 I’ve been playing around with pianos and guitars for most of my life but to finally come to a place where I can receive formal, classical instruction and guidance is beyond a blessing. Thanks, Orlando Q. Johnson for everything, you won’t let us be anything less than excellent 🎼🎹❤️
                     Diana Eaton,
December 9, 2017
I am truly thankful for the opportunity to finally take on a long-awaited desire to learn the art of music “a language of delightful sensations for more eloquent than words”. Yesterday was my first time playing in public and although I was extremely nervous; I believe that I did my best. I’d also like to congratulate all of the other students of Music Instruction for All Learners, Inc. I was truly motivated by your performances. Thank you Mr. Orlando Q. Johnson for your patience and expert instruction; I’m looking forward to learning more.
                      Don Moore,
February 1, 2018
A few years ago, this wonderful fellow came into my life and challenged me to learn classical piano playing techniques. At first, I resisted because I could always play pretty decent by ear (upon loads of practice) with no knowledge of or care for music theory. BUT I realized I would never tap into my full potential without proper training and instruction SO...I joined Music Instruction for All Learners, Inc. where classical training is breaking bad habits. Thanks, Orlando Q. Johnson for your patience! 😊😁
                        Diana Eaton,
April 10, 2018
Lately, I feel like my life has been mainly work, work, work, with very little fun sprinkled in between. I think we can all get so busy that we fail to really make time for ourselves BUT Saturday mornings have become that time that I really get to do something that I enjoy. For me to sacrifice sleeping-in for piano instruction says A LOT because I'm not really a morning person; however, when it's something that you love, it's well worth it! Instruction with MIFAL is definitely the highlight of my week 😊
                        Diana Eaton,
October 28, 2019
I am an upcoming Rap Lyrist who has a passion for music.  I wanted to take my music further and joined MIFAL INC.  I've learned so much since starting their program.  I had no experience in reading music or playing the keyboard.  I've only attended 3 classes so far and I can read music, have a greater understanding of rhythm and melody.  MIFAL INC is a great Music School that I would definitely recommend to others, including those with some a disability.  Mr. O makes each experience fun and inviting, I have a great time every class.  
                        Zyien Aura,
Zyien Aura_edited.jpg
November 5, 2019
I absolutely loved my first lesson. I was instructed by Mr. David Rice, who was not only knowledgeable but extremely patient and thorough. Even still, we were within earshot of Mr. Orlando, who also ensured I was on the right track, and would even come and check on the lesson from time to time, adding his own pointers as well, which were also helpful. Everyone was not only very informed but patient and passionate about their music to ensure the best instruction was given!
                        Joseph Alston,
Joseph Alston.jpg
Anthony Avery recommends Music Instruction For All Learners, Inc.

December 19, 2019

An amazing organization with a great cause. I had the pleasure to work with them for their Holiday recital along with my organization Choir Psi Phi National Music Society, Inc. (Catonsville Chapter). What they are doing with the community is awe-inspiring!