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MIFALL Arts Academy Community Network

MIFAL Arts Academy has become a beacon in the community where we Bridge the Gap that's present between the school system and those that want access to music and the arts.  With our virtual learning programs we make those impossible dreams possible.  

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Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris performing at the 2017 Belair-Edison Health Fair

Rachel Harris
Kelaysha Williams

Kelaysha performing at the Belair-Edison 2017 Health Fair.

Shahyan Harris

Shahyan Harris performing at the Belair-Edison 2017 Health Fair.

Great Keyboard shot...
Keyboarding at it's finest...
Tayanita Watson

Tayanita performing at the 2017 Belair Edison Community Health Fair.

Little Kelaysha
Big Kelaysha
Rachel Harris's Violin

Rachel playing her violin

Mr. OQ Johnson & Rachel

Mr. OQ Johnson and Rachel performing with MCCM Church Choir.

Rachel Harris

Rachel playing her violin

Rachel Harris

Great image of Rachel playing her violin.

Mr. Don Moore
Ms. Diana
Rachel Harris

Rachel instructing in the art of violin bowing.

Tayanita Watson

Tayanita performing at a 12N12

Mrs. Nichelle Johnson

Mrs. Johnson praying at a 12N12

Rachel Harris

Rachel dancing at our first 12N12

Rachel dancing
Capri Johnson

Capri Johnson performing at a 12N12

Shahyan Harris

Shahyan Harris working hard in his piano book.

Rachel's new Viola
12N12 in Columbia, MD

MIFAL INC doing a 12N12 at Columbia Worship Center in Columbia, MD. Pastor Stafford Sutton

Daniel Hollins II
Unit Quiz time for Daniel
KK Practicing Hard
Rachel Harris

Let's welcome Rachel Harris to the MIFAL family, welcome Rachel....

Concentrating hard

Rachel concentrating hard on her new music

Tayanita I Watson

Tayanita preparing for performance.

Tayanita I Watson

Tayanita's dry run for a performance.

Kay Kay counting rhythms
Kelaysha Williams

Our new student KK working hard.

Kelaysha Williams II

KK doing well on her first lesson.

Recorder & New Frozen Book

New recorder and new Frozen songbook.

Frozen for Beginner Recorder

Frozen book for beginner recorder students.

Beginner recorder book

Fun With The Recorder


Frozen Songbook

MIFAL INC Supporter

Mr. Romeko Morton of RAISE and Kelaysha Williams. Mr. Morton is one of our supporters.

Mother's Day Performance

Mr. O, Kelaysha and Tayanita performed at the Courtland Future Care in Pikesville, MD. They did an awesome job...

Rachel and her violin

This girl is a double threat, she plays violin as well. Can't tell her nothing...

Moriah Henry

Moriah Henry is a Flutist and Saxophonist. She's located in Alabama and has talent beyond talent. I'm proud to announce that she's our first student to participate in our Distant Learning Program. Congrats Moriah, welcome aboard Rocketeer...

Tayanita Watson

Annual Fundraiser Recital Performance 2016

Kelaysha Williams

Annual Fundraiser Recital Performance 2016

Rachel Harris

Annual Fundraiser Recital Performance 2016

Daniel Hollins

Annual Fundraiser Recital Performance 2016

Ms. Jocelyn Hollins

Annual Fundraiser Recital Performance 2016

Capri Johnson

Annual Fundraiser Recital Performance 2016

Adaya Simmons

Annual Fundraiser Recital Performance 2016

Rachel- MIFAL Junior Instructor

Introducing Rachel as our first (MJI) MIFAL Junior Instructor. Her first student was Kelaysha and she did an excellent job.

Rachel Tuning KK's Violin
KK playing her "D" string
KK playing her "A" string.
KK playing her violin song

Kelaysha playing her first violin song on "D" and "A" strings.


2513 N ROLLING RD UNIT 47083
Ms. DeTrece Lavender, Dean of MIFALAA

833 643 2563 Ext 2

Opening hours

Mon-Wed  3:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Sat              11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Other times available by appointment only.


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